Thursday, September 18, 2014

Each Life

Take a seat. Watch people. Wherever you are right now or later today, sit down and watch the people.

It’s amazing to think that each person who walks by, who works in your office, who passes by you in Walmart, or who's sitting in the car next to you…has a life – a life just like your own. Each person has friends, family, bad experiences, good experiences, are going through challenges, have dreams they’ve never realized, have positive and negative things about their personalities, or have a dog or cat at home that they probably consider a member of their family. Each person – whether you know them or can even see them physically…has a life – years and years of things they’ve lived through and will continue to live through.

It’s even more amazing to think that God – knows every hair follicle on each person’s head, cares about each person and wants to guide each person through this maze of life. There HAS to be a God – otherwise, we’re lost in this life. Because without the hope of a God and Heaven, this world and this life is even more of a sad place than we already think it is. What’s the use of living? I believe that’s why people give up hope, get depressed, or contemplate suicide – those are the moments when they are so focused on this life and this world (that they can see).....that they can’t see God and the (eternal) life coming after this one.

Somehow, we’ve got to tear ourselves away from the agony of this everyday“life” that’s happening to us and focus on God who's got us covered regardless of what's happening to us or around us. God has each life here for reason. Yep....and it's much more than just trying to make it through each day without losing your sanity. 

Thoughts Are Important

You are a spirit, you have a mind (soul), and you live inside a body. Even though you are a spirit, the way you interact with the world is...