Saturday, August 5, 2017

You Have the Choice

God says “Let Me run your life”.
We say “Yes”, but we keep doing things our way.
God says “Don’t you trust Me?”
If we are honest, we would say, “No, I don’t….I can’t see You, I can’t feel You, and I can’t hear You. So…how can I really trust You?”

God says,
  • “You can’t see Me, but you can see all of life’s (invisible) problems heading your way and you really have no real answers in sight.
  • You can’t feel me, but you can feel the (untouchable) stress and anxiety of things imagined that haven’t happened….and may never happen.
  • You can’t hear me, but you can hear all of the (unhearable) negative voices and thoughts in your head that drag you down to mere existence.
  • You can sense all of these things that are not there.....but you can't sense me? I believe you can.
So…..You can either trust Me – let Me run your life and let Me give you peace.
Or….. you can work out your current (and imagined) problems yourself  – and continue with the life you’ve always had.

I give you the choice.”

Tired of Playing Chess?

A good chess player can see the entire board and envision 10-15 moves ahead of their opponent. Sometimes we take that approach in life, but in a negative sense. We plan for and worry about a multitude of things that may never happen. For example, at school, we walk down the hallway wondering and presupposing what everyone is thinking of us. In marriage, we try to think five steps ahead of our spouse to maneuver ourselves into getting our way. At work, we are trying to keep one step ahead of our co-worker to make sure they don’t “get the edge” on us or stab us in the back. This type of thinking is stressful and causes anxiety and fear. It can also change who we are (our personality) or the activities we get (or don’t get) involved in as we strive to please others or defend ourselves against perceived threats.

Two Definitions I Like
  • Stress is the natural response of someone who is still trying to save his or her life, instead of allowing the circumstance to produce a life surrendered to God.
  • Worry is meditation on things that torment you. Some people inaccurately call this "planning ahead", but what it actually repeating the negative things (that may never happen) over and over in your mind. There is a positive aspect of planning, but when taken too far becomes worry. 
Trust God to make your next “move”. He knows your opponent better than you do anyway. You can't see (or understand) all of the moves He is making and you're wondering "how am I gonna get out of this one?" But let Him have control of your board, sit back, and watch Him maneuver your situation into a "check-mate". 

We have to live for right now, take care of today and just know that God is taking care of everything else. Just trust. If you’re thinking steps ahead, let the thinking and the steps be fueled by God (faith)….or by love. Because you know what?...most of the negative things you’re thinking aren’t even true or won’t happen anyway! Your future is being decided right now – with your mind, your thoughts, and the words you speak. 

Thoughts Are Important

You are a spirit, you have a mind (soul), and you live inside a body. Even though you are a spirit, the way you interact with the world is...