Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Seed

The tiny seed was thrown into a dark, cold, suffocating place. It felt like the end. Little did it know it was just the beginning.

The seed knew there had to be more, so it struggled, burrowed its way upwards, and broke through the darkness. It had finally reached the surface and exhaled as it began to unfurl its arms towards the sunlight. As it continued to grow, heavy winds came and pushed the plant from side to side. But instead of lying down and giving up, it dug its roots deeper into the ground making itself more stable – able to withstand even stronger winds.

Later, heavy rains followed and the (now) small tree was sure it would get beaten down and drown. That “hard-to-breath”, suffocating, dark feeling had returned. As the tree struggled to stay alive, it realized the rain was providing its roots with water it could use to help it grow and become even stronger. The thing it had been afraid of - the thing that had almost drowned and killed it - was now a source of its strength. 

As time passed, the tree matured and learned that every time the wind, rain, and even drought came - through all of the seasons - it became stronger. Soon, its branches reached out so far that they provided shelter and shade for many other plants and living creatures.

You are the seed. Hard times will come, but God will see you through - to an even stronger you. Sometimes when you’re in a dark place and think you’re buried, you’ve actually been planted. Use the pain to change you. Let the new roots grow deep. Then others will be blessed from your shade and fruit.

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