Friday, January 16, 2015

"Why Can't They See?"

When you truly let go of life (the operative word being “truly”) and let God direct your path, you find it very difficult to understand why others wouldn’t want to live the same way. In addition, you find it difficult to believe that you ever lived any other way!

It's very scary to let go of life, but on the other hand, it makes life tougher when you don't (trying to make things happen, trying to control situations so that you're never uncomfortable, trying to figure everything out, living based on what others might think, etc). Why can’t we see that’s not the way we should live? Why can’t we see that there’s a better, more fulfilling way?

The song “Why Can’t They See” is not only an Christian anthem that points to nonbelievers, but also points to Christians who still haven’t really “let go” to allow God to lead their lives. The origin of the song is an Easter production for a small church in mid-Texas. The song was written from the standpoint of Mary kneeling at the cross of Jesus – speaking to Him just before He died. But the song has grown to have a more far-reaching meaning. There are many reasons why people can’t ‘see that Jesus is the way. Situations in their lives, how they grew up, continuous feelings that nothing’s going to go right anyway can easily deter us from our path. But as the song states, we still must declare that Jesus is Lord and that He came to save us and bring us life. Our declaration and the way we live our lives will be the proof that others need. They will see Him….through us.

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